Emergency Repair request
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Emergency Repair request

Request for any Repair.

If the emergency is Fire or medical please call 911.
If the problem is regarding water pipe burst please locate the water shutoff valve which can typically be found in the garage or a hall closet, and shut it off.
For rest of the urgent repairs needed, Please call 2067248881 to our maintenance team. or send us an Email-On contact@allservicespm.com
  • Problem that considered Urgent are:
  • Flooding
  • Loss of heating-failure of furnace or heating unite
  • Refrigerator- Not working at all
  • Geyser failure

These all above items get repaired during day time hour only. Sunday if necessary

Warm New Year Greetings From All Services Property Management!

Hello there! Hope things are fine with you all.

At All Services Property Management takes the opportunity to wish you a great New Year 2019.

We wish all your unfulfilled dreams come true in this year.

Dear Clients and Patrons, your cooperation with our delivery team is a motivating force for us as we start a new year with more enthusiasm. Please accept our sincere thanks for everything you did for us.

We feel motivated while serving clients and patrons like you are. We are committed to bringing you better and better real estate property solutions that you have been expecting from us. Though we have been successful in the last year as well, we are planning to do something big this year. Make sure you stay with us for the mind-boggling real estate properties, both residential and commercial.   

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