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Best places to rent near Kent

By gotobackend —

Kent is one of the fastest developing city of Washington USA. Hundreds of people are migrating to the city every day, for better job opportunities. This gradual migration increased the demand and rates of the property and as well as the rates of rented property in the region. Because of the sudden increase of population, renting a house becomes very expensive in the Kent city these days, and hundreds and hundreds of people became homeless in the city. Which forced the people to move out of the city and search for the best places to rent near Kent.

Jobs are still available in the city, these jobs holds the people who migrated, even though they were homeless. Thus the idea of renting homes near the Kent city speared. There are dozens of small communities and cities available adjoining to Kent. These adjoining cities and communities are the best option for the people who want to work in the Kent City but cannot affords to reside or rent a house in it. In this article I am trying to mention few of the best places to rent near Kent.

Adjoining places to rent near Kent:

  1. Covington
  2. Cascade Fairwood
  3. Des Moines  


Covington is among one of the main adjoining city of Kent WA. Population of Covington is almost twenty five thousand and the area is almost sixteen square kilometers. The city is famous for its clean streets and greenery. Covington don’t have big industries but have hundreds of retail stores and shopping malls, Wal-Mart is among one of them. Residing in Covington is comparably cheaper than Kent like if you rent a house in Downtown Kent it will cost you monthly $3500 to $5000 but if you are renting same size of room in Covington the monthly rent would be decreased to $2500. This difference in the house rent attracts the people from different places to the city. There are dozens of schools and colleges available in Covington city, which makes the life easier for the people.  

Cascade Fairwood    

Cascade Fairwood is the best place to rent and reside at low cost. The city is less populated and full of greenery. Fairwood city is developed in just a decade so, roads and streets are well planned. In fairwood city hundreds of new houses are building every year. These new building houses are making room for the people who cannot afford houses at high rent. There are lots of schools, markets places and restaurants speared everywhere in firewood city.

Des Moines  

Des Moines is a small city located at the left side of Kent WA. The city is surrounded by three major cities. At the north you will found SeaTac at south there is federal way and west there is Kent city. The city is very densely populated. Because Seatac airport and Down Town Kent is very close to the city, that is why the rate of renting houses are bit high in this area.   

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