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Top 3 Best Places to reside and rent in Kent

By gotobackend —

Kent is one of the fastest growing city of Washington USA, in terms of population and economy. There are hundreds of business unites, schools, colleges and housing complexes are situated in the city, and the number is growing rapidly. The city considers as one of the safest city to reside, and the construction of houses are happening almost every corner of the city. Although entire Kent city is suitable for reside and rent. However there are few places people prefer, taking in account of the development done in those areas and the accessibility to them. Thus we have chosen the top 3 best places to reside and rent in Kent, specially to educate the people willing to rent a property in Kent.

Taking in account the development work done in the area, accessibility to that particular location, and rent of the houses in those areas. We are enlisting the best areas to rent a house in Kent.

The list is as bellow.

  1. Down town Kent
  2. East Hill
  3. West Hill

Down Town Kent:

Downtown Kent is located in the Valley area of Kent City. Downtown considers as the heart of the Kent city and the best place to reside and rent a house. Although the area is expensive but accessibility to any where in Kent and other part of the Washington is very easy from here. Highway 167 and Will street crosses near the downtown area, making easier for the people to travel anywhere in Washington. There are more than five hundred shops available in downtown Kent. People can get everything from those shops for their daily needs. Whether they were small or big. These shops includes big brand stores to small retail shops. A restaurant to a road side small unites. and that is why we had putted Valley area in the list of Top 3 Best Places to reside and rent in Kent

East Hill Kent

East hill area of Kent city knows for its greenery and clean streets. The area is covered with numerous large parks, like Turnkey Park, Clark Lake Park, East Hill Park, Morrill Meadows Park and much more. In east hill area you don’t find sky scrapers or multi story buildings but there are thousands of beautiful houses found everywhere in the regain. Road 515 and road 516 are the main road crosses from East Hill. Apart from that there are tremendous amount of small streets available in east hill. These roads and streets make every point of east hill accessible for the visitors. East Hill area also have large amount of schools, colleges and shopping malls, Like Park Orchard Elementary School, Meridian Middle School and Daniel Elementary School. Rent of the houses in East Hill area is comparably laser than down town Kent.

West Hill Kent

West hill area located close to Des Moines and Kent Boeing factory. The area is less populated but comparably expensive than east hill. You find hundreds of beautiful houses, small and medium shops, restaurants and shopping malls here. There are numerous amounts of doctor’s clinics and hospitals available in this area. Highway 167 and Highway No 5 passes from West Hill area.